Clean, responsive, and validated HTML/CSS. Having a responsive website able to be viewed on from the largest of screens down to cell phones is one of the most important aspects of your site. In fact, Google recommends a responsive design over a seperate mobile website.


Designed with Photoshop from the ground up, wire frame to final design. This allows you to know what you are getting and easily make changes before the website is developed.


HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Bootstrap, MySQL, and jQuery are some of the languages I use to create websites. From basic single page websites to database driven sites these languages allow me to develop the site you want.



Recent Projects

Peekskill Film Fest

Peekskill Film Festival

Layout design based on similar sites the client likes. On going development to complete the front end and back end system. View

Outdoors company mockup


A design mock up for a fictional outdoors company, Lorem Outdoors.


A functioning Social Sharing site I designed and developed as a test for myself. It is database driven using PHP and MySQL, with user accounts, a voting system, custom "stalls" (think subreddits), and messaging system. It is the basis for my next project, a full social sharing site named Nmbley. View

Musician's demo page

Demo Site

Demo site for an acoustic musician's page. View

More coming soon

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